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University student earning my certificate in 3D animation| Canadian| Word search pro| glass half full kinda gal| oitnb| sasunaru| One Direction| Harry Potter| gamer| Niall| Japan is my favourite| I fucking hate tomato's|

I switch from drawing to poetry a while back, but I am know in university taking 3D animation course so y'all might get a taste of that if you are interested.

Poetry has helped me in many ways by connecting me with my emotions, I don't disregard them I use poetry to dissect them. That being said my poems are very much entwined with my emotions and I am not always a happy person, I get dark sometimes. That being said it has help me come to terms with a lot of things in life and I guess all I have left to say is I hope you like it!


Follow me for more cool stuff! :)

^^^Fandoms, feminism, sasunar, ++++

^^^School animations, art & random life

^^^ Honestly I only have this to stalk 1D ;)


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You say we are
Just friends
And I accepted that
What I fail to comprehend is

The winky faces
The flirting
The questionable
You have with me

Or when you realized
How sensitive my skin is
To quick moving fingers
Tickling my guard down
Into a heap of giggles

Is this what friends do?

Do they talk about
The length of their
Or send me texts
That make me question
Their friendly intentions

Why do you
Make me feel
Like a fool
Whenever I
That you and I,
Could become one

You make me feel crazy
Drive me up the wall
As I pretend
I don’t see anything at all
Just to turn around and
Be asked,
“So, are you guys like,

And I know
These things I feel for you
Are a betrayal of
Everything we have been through
All the secrets
And the late night phone calls
The memories we have as

Which is why
Guilt rips through my
Whenever I catch myself
Day dreaming of
Your smile,
Or your body in
Your long sleeved grey
The way your hands
Feel against
My skin

But to admit
These desires
Would destroy
All we have built

Which is why
Every time
Someone notices our motions
And ignorantly asks
Our relationship

I turn quickly
with a laugh
my mouth curving up
Jokingly at its ends
And say, "Oh us?
No, we're just


I don’t know why I
Put myself through this
I know how you feel
And I stopped
Having these
Thoughts for you
Long ago

But sometimes
You knock
On my
Vacant heart
And remind me
To breathe

And like taking
A hit
Of my worst addiction
I let myself

How it would be
If the way you acted
Was how you felt

But like any drug
When you leave
And reality sets in
I come crashing down

And as I sit
In a lavender scented bath
Writing this
Listening to songs
That remind me of you
I blame myself

For being stupid and
Naive enough
To let you
Get to me again

And as I assume
Any drug abuser
Would say
They go against their
Better judgement
Every time they

Inhale a line of that
White crystal or
Shoot the black
Liquid into their veins

And I don’t want to
Compare the life
Of someone with a
Drug addiction
To a broken heart
But I can’t describe
What you are to me
Any other way;
You destroy me
And I let you

So I guess you are
The crystals up my nose
The tar in my veins
My biggest demon
You are my dealer
And my drug
Leaving track marks
On my heart

And against
My better judgement
I ask
To see you again
Just so I can


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