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I haven't died I swear! I will update soon. I had a bit of writers block, and I've been working like crazy! I feel inspiration sparking though so you will hear from me soon! Side note: happy thanks giving and happy Halloween everyone!!
It may seem hard
And you'll want to quit
but it's not the end
You are strong

Look to the sky
And you will see
The rain still falls
And the sun still shines

I know right now
Darkness lies
But try to remember
Even on the darkest night
The stars still shine bright.
Look to the Sky
Just a reminder that whatever you're going through you will be okay one day even if you feel alone someone out there cares about you. :)
The transition was small
I didn't expect to fall
So hard, so quick
The air is thick
With our connection
Though we are filled with imperfection
The two of us as one
Is a love story that has just begun.
How do you explain
The moment you realize
You have feelings
For someone?

Is it when
You look up
And catch sight of him
Across the room
And you feel
Your heart rate increase?

Or is it when
You feel his touch
Lingering on your skin
Even after his hand
Has disappeared?

Maybe the first time
He was close enough
to you, to catch a whisp
Of his cologne

Or the time you
Walked by and
He smiled
At the sight of you-
Like it was gift that
He got to catch a glimpse    

Looking up and
Making eye contact
Knowing he was
Looking at you too

I don't know if any
Of these explain
How I feel
But I know

That my heart speeds up
At the sight of him
My face goes red
At the thought of him
My stomach fills with butterflies
When he speaks to me
And I can't say for sure
But my brain says
This is what love feels like.


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Drawing is my favourite thing to do, but when I went through some learning experiences in my life I found an interest in Poetry. It helped me explain my feelings when I couldn't in regular sentences. Please remember y poetry knowledge is on what I learned in high school. I don't know if I am any good, but I thought I'd give it a go a post them.

Writing is this amazing thing, word will flow endlessly sometimes, but other times I have nothing to say at all. Then out of no where a conversation or a song will make it come alive again. I love finding new ways to express myself.

So take a gander, it may not be any good, but I still created it. :)

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